A More Accurate, In-office Alternative to MRI

When it comes to injuries involving joints, making a diagnosis can be hard without looking inside the patient’s joint. MRI and arthroscopy are typically used for diagnosing a joint problem. But MRIs can be costly and sometimes not as accurate, and arthroscopy involves surgery and its potential risks.

St. Elizabeth Medical Center’s orthopedic team offers VisionScope, which is a miniature endoscopic imaging system designed to enable pre-operative and post-operative diagnoses right in our orthopedist’s office, on the same day of the appointment. It frequently helps patients to avoid the need for unnecessary surgery. If surgery is recommended, VisionScope allows your doctor to make a definitive diagnosis and construct a detailed surgical plan that is customized to your specific problem.

VisionScope is a minimally invasive procedure that provides our doctors with a clear view of a patient’s joint’s surfaces. The procedure can take less than 10 minutes and requires only a local numbing agent, such as Lidocaine. The primary benefit of having a VisionScope procedure is an immediate, accurate diagnosis from your physician and the opportunity for you to discuss your personalized treatment plan during the first office visit. Medications can also be delivered directly to the area of injury when indicated.

How Does VisionScope Work

The VisionScope Imaging system utilizes a 1.4mm diameter needle endoscope, which is inserted into the joint through the system's targeted-access cannula. Video images illuminate the joint's condition and inform the proposed course of action. Upon completion of the procedure, the endoscope is removed.

Most patients who have undergone a VisionScope procedure stated that they had a complete understanding of their problem, and why a specific treatment was recommended. They also reported having no pain during or after the procedure, they could drive themselves home, and they returned to normal activities immediately following the procedure. 

VisionScope is covered by insurance but needs prior authorization.

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