Ear, Nose & Throat

Ear, Nose & Throat

St. Elizabeth's Medical Center's Department of Otolaryngology provides services ranging from routine ear, nose, and throat treatments to the most complex surgeries for sinus concerns and hearing loss.

Ear, Nose & Throat

736 Cambridge Street, SMC 8
Brighton, Massachusetts 02135


SMG Otolaryngology at St. Elizabeth's Medical Center
736 Cambridge Street, SMC 8, Brighton, Massachusetts 02135
Phone: 617-789-5004
Fax: 617-789-5088

SMG Otolaryngology at East Bridgewater 
1 Compass Way Suite 100, E. Bridgewater MA 02333
Phone: 508-350-2850
Fax: 508-350-2866

SMG Otolaryngology at Lunenburg
119 Massachusetts Avenue, Lunenburg, Massachusetts 01462
Phone: 978-627-3645
Fax: 978-696-3078

Ear, Nose & Throat Doctors at St. Elizabeth's 

St. Elizabeth's Medical Center’s Department of Otolaryngology offers physicians, audiologists, and support staff trained to help each patient experience better ear, nose, and throat health. With on-site CT scanner capabilities, state-of-the-art treatment rooms, and same-day consultations with multiple specialists, St. Elizabeth’s routinely works to ensure that each patient’s individual needs are met. Services include:

  • The Minimally Invasive Nasal and Sinus Institute offers patients innovative options in the treatment of nasal obstruction, sinus disorders, and obstructive sleep apnea, among other conditions.
  • The ALL-EARS Institute for Hearing and Balance Restoration is designed to assess, diagnose, and treat each individuals hearing loss and/or balance with the goal of restoring quality of life. ALL-EARS is the only center in New England certified to use every type of implantable and semi-implantable hearing technology.
  • The Hearing Aid Center allows patients access to dedicated and trained audiologists and support staff who offer a complete selection of hearing aid technologies and assistive listening devices to assist with listening needs.
  • Care of Voice, Swallowing, and Head and Neck Center provides comprehensive treatment regimens to patients with a variety of disorders, including head or neck cancer.
Up Close with Peter Catalano, MD, Otolaryngology at St. Elizabeth's Medical Center


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