Work-Related Injuries and Industrial Accidents

The Steward Orthopedics Department has a dedicated, multidisciplinary team to treat injuries incurred on the job in trade and construction professions.

Work-Related Injuries and Industrial Accidents

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The sports medicine team recognizes the unique needs of those who have precision production, craft and repair occupations and works closely with the patient and case manager to ensure optimal recovery and a smooth return to work. Patients often come from a variety of industries and professions, including construction, dock work, longshoreman, landscaping, stone and brick masons, roofers, maintenance, carpentry, and more. Our team has vast experience with worker’s compensation injuries, claims, paperwork and insurance. Our goal is to help our injured patients navigate the complexities of a worker’s compensation injury with confidence, so that you can focus on your primary goal: to heal from your injury.

Patients have access to a multidisciplinary medical team in one convenient network, including orthopedic surgery, sports medicine, physiatry, physical and occupational therapy, along with subspecialists from neurology and cardiology. While undergoing treatment, there is also full access to a network of radiology services and laboratory testing.

The Workplace Recovery Program at Steward offers patients a 360-degree approach to recovery, including:

  • An evaluation and treatment plan
  • Disability and injury management
  • Return to work guidance/clearance
  • Work conditioning for a safe, guided return to work
  • Efficient communication with workers compensation, case management
  • future injury prevention

The Steward team recognizes the complexities that come with an injury incurred on the job, and can help streamline the process to get you back to work as soon as possible. With every case, your care team is in constant contact with your nurse case managers, and our experienced staff can help you with any documentation needed to report your injury and recovery process, including worker’s compensation disability and insurance.

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