Thoracic Surgery

Thoracic Surgery

The Department of Thoracic Surgery at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center provides expert care at diagnosing and surgically treating cancers of the lung, esophagus, and chest wall.

Thoracic Surgery

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Thoracic Surgery at St. Elizabeth's

Patients appreciate both the compassion and the skill with which these experienced physicians carry out the latest surgical and minimally invasive procedures.

Innovative treatments that promote faster and better outcomes include:
  • Robotic-assisted surgery for the treatment of lung cancer and procedures include:
    • Robotic Lobectomy
    • Robotic VATS Wedge Resection

  • Minimally invasive video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS), useful for the treatment of:
    • Lung nodules
    • Lung cancer
    • Collapsed lung
    • Esophageal cancer
    • Chest (mediastinal) masses
    • Mesothelioma

  • Minimally invasive management of:
    • GERD
    • Hiatal hernia
    • Esophageal conditions

  • Airway conditions, including:
    • Tumors
    • Stricture or stenosis of the larynx and trachea
    • Collapsing (“malacia”) of the trachea and bronchus

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