St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center’s neurology department offers patients a comprehensive, nationally recognized approach to the treatment of severe conditions affecting the brain, spinal cord, and nerves.


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Neurological Disorder Treatments at St. Elizabeth's

Patient-centered care is a primary focus at St. Elizabeth’s neurology department.  Our physicians use the latest clinical examination skills, lab work, and imaging studies to diagnose neurological conditions. Once diagnosed, our patients are provided with advanced medications, surgical procedures, and holistic care to treat their neurological conditions.  While we are focused on treatment, we are also interested in prevention and develop complete care plans with this in mind. 

The neurology department provides world class care in movement disorders, stroke, headache, neuromuscular, and epilepsy.  In addition, we evaluate and treat patients with dementia, sleep disorders, concussion and head injury, neurotoxin exposures, and autonomic disorders.  We are able to manage Deep Brain Stimulator and Vagal Nerve Stimulators and have a Botox clinic.

The neurology providers and staff are dedicated to optimizing the management of a patient’s neurological condition whether that is in the outpatient clinic, in the emergency department, or in the hospital. Twenty-four-hour neurology attending coverage is available.


Our neurological care programs include:




Headache/Facial Pain

Movement Disorders



Sleep Disorders



Hospital Follow up Clinic

St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center Neurology department provides a comprehensive follow up clinic for patients hospitalized with a neurological condition.  Disorders managed include:

  • TBI (traumatic brain injury)
  • SDH (subdural hemorrhage)


St. Elizabeth's Stroke Certification St. Elizabeth's Medical Center is proud to be certified as an Advanced Primary Stroke Center by the Joint Commission, and to have received the American Heart Association’s GoldPlus Get With The Guidelines®-Stroke Quality Achievement Award for their commitment to ensuring stroke patients receive the best care.

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