Cancer Genetics and Prevention

In some cases, hereditary or genetic factors may increase the risk of developing cancer. The Cancer Genetics and Prevention Program at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center brings expertise in genetics counseling and testing for patients with cancer and those with a strong family history of cancer.

Cancer Genetics and Prevention

Radiation Oncology Department
Connell Pavilion, 2nd Floor
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Our program director, Dr. Beth Herrick, has received specialized training in Cancer Genetics that goes above and beyond what many cancer programs can offer, so patients can be assured that the evaluation and care they receive is among the best in Boston. Patients diagnosed with cancer or a strong family history of cancer can undergo genetic counseling and testing in either an in person or telehealth setting. We collaborate with the Dana Farber genetics counselors to provide services as well.  Patients seen for Cancer Genetics counseling will also have the opportunity to participate in clinical trials to help to further our understanding of cancer genetics.  

Why get genetics screening?

Family history can play a role in many types of cancers, such as breast, ovarian, and colorectal cancers. Our team will educate patients about why they may be at higher risk of developing cancer or having an inherited mutation and what implications that may have for them or other family members.

Once a patient has been identified as having a mutation or being at increased risk for cancer, there are recommendations our team can make to reduce that risk, find cancers at their earliest stage or to  prevent cancer altogether.

Additionally we are able to counsel cancer patients in terms of what family members may be at increased risk of cancer or having a mutation.  We can offer counseling and testing to the appropriate family members, again to decrease risk of developing cancer.

A multidisciplinary team approach

Our physicians and genetics counselors work as a team with specialists in breast surgery, GYN and GYN oncology, gastroenterology, medical oncology, plastic surgery and dermatology to ensure that patients receive a comprehensive approach and understanding of their genetics screening and prevention plan. 

Additionally, St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center’s partnership with Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI) brings the best cancer care to our patients in one convenient location.

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