What is Mitral Valve Disease?

Mitral valve disease occurs when the valve between the left atrium and left ventricle of the heart doesn't work properly resulting in mitral valve regurgitation (leakage) or mitral valve stenosis (narrowing).

  • Mitral valve regurgitation (leakage) is a condition where the leaflets of the mitral valve weaken, causing blood to leak back into the left atrium of the heart, which if not treated, can result in heart muscle damage. The most common cause of blood leakage is mitral valve prolapse, in which the leaflets bulge back into the left atrium as the heart contracts.
  • Mitral valve stenosis involves a narrowing of the mitral valve opening reducing the amount of blood that can flow through it. If the narrowing is mild, the overall functioning of the heart may not be compromised. However, the valve can become so narrow that heart function is reduced, and the rest of the body may not receive adequate blood flow.

Treat Mitral Valve Disease at the Center for Advanced Cardiac Surgery

The Steward Center for Advanced Cardiac Surgery is one of the fastest growing centers in the New England region for the treatment of heart valve disease. Our senior cardiac surgeons work side-by-side with St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center's cardiology team to provide integrated, coordinated care for our patients. In addition to providing high quality care, our multidisciplinary teams are experts in diagnosing and treating various mitral valve diseases.

Offering innovative surgical procedures, which can improve patient outcomes and reduce recovery times, is paramount at the Center for Advanced Cardiac Surgery. Depending on a patient’s treatment plan, we perform routine valve repairs and replacements or minimally invasive procedures, which use robotic-assisted approaches. Our rate of successful repair exceeds national norms and is amongst the highest in the country.

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