Patient Information - Supplements and Over-the-Counter Pain Relief Information

Dr. Luz Patient Care Information: Over-the-Counter Pain Relief Items and Supplements

Lidocaine/Salon Pas patches

(topical)- use as directed

2 tabs Aleve + 2 tabs Extra Strength Tylenol -
take 4 pills in combination twice per day

Melatonin -

up to 10mg nightly as needed for sleep

Arnica gel

(topical) - use as direct

Epsom Salt Soak

Magnesium -

400mg per day

Tiger Balm

(topical)- use as directed

Glucoasmine and Chondroitin -

take 1 dose per day

Vitamin B complex -

1 dose per day

Capsaicin cream

(topical) - use as directed

Omega 3s -

1 dose per day

Vitamin D3 -

1000 to 2000iu per day

Dr. Luz Patient Care Information: Over-the-Counter Durable Medical Equipment

Compression shorts Neoprene knee sleeve Powerstep, Superfeet orthotics - Marathon Sports
Compression calf sleeve Toe spacers, Yoga Toes Car sear wedge cushion
Elbow counterforce brace Dancer's/metatarsal pad Ischual bursa wedge cushion
Cho-pat strap Tuli Heel Cups

Portable Ultrasound (SAM)

Cervical Traction

TENS unit

Dr. Luz Patient Care Information: Rehabilitation and Wellness Resources

Rehabilitation Resources: → Patient information → Rehabilitation Protocols


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