Shoulder Stretching Exercises

Internal Rotation Behind-the-Back Stretch
Place the hand of the affected arm behind your back at the waistline. Use your opposite hand or a stick to help lift the other hand toward the shoulder blade of the opposite shoulder.

Standing Neutral External Rotation
Place your hand inside a post or doorway with the palm facing up. While keeping the involved arm firmly against your side and the elbow at a right (90 degree) angle, rotate your body away from the door to produce outward rotation at the shoulder.

External Rotation in Corner/Doorway
Standing facing a corner or in a doorway, position the arms as illustrated with the elbows at shoulder level. Lean your body gently forward toward the corner until a stretch is felt.

Cross Arm - Horizontal Adduction
Reach across the chest as if to bring the elbow toward the opposite shoulder. Grasp the elbow and pull gently in that direction.

Overhead Stretches
Stretch the arms overhead as shown

External rotation at 90º abduction stretch
Lie on your back. Support the upper arm, if needed, with towels or a small pillow. Keep arm at 90 degrees to the body and the elbow bent at 90 degrees. Using a stick and the opposite arm, stretch as if to bring the thumb to the corner of the table adjacent to your ear. Hold for 10 seconds, and then return to the starting position.

Chest Stretch in Doorway
Stand near a doorway. With the palm facing outward, grasp the edge of the doorway with one arm. Keeping the elbows straight, lean gently forward and rotate your body away from the arm.

Internal Rotation in Abduction
Lie on your side with the arm positioned as shown. Keeping the elbow at a right angle, rotate the arm as if to touch the thumb to the table. Apply a gentle stretch with the opposite arm.

Lateral Shoulder and Triceps Stretch
Place the forearm behind the head. With the opposite hand, grasp the elbow and pull the arm back behind the ear.

Bar Hang Stretch
Hang from a horizontal bar. Keep the feet in contact with the floor to avoid excessive strain on the shoulders.

Lateral Neck and Upper Trapezius Stretch
Grasp the right arm with the left hand and pull down and to the left. While maintaining arm position, tilt head to left and hold 10 to 15 seconds. Also stretch the head to the left while letting the chin drop toward the chest. Alternate sides.