Proximal Hamstring Tendon Repair

Rehabilitation after Proximal Hamstring Tendon Repair Surgery


Post-op Phase

Weight bearing status

Use of brace

Passive ROM and Active ROM

Strength Training

Return to running and sports

Recommended Restrictions

Phase One
The first week after surgery

TDWB with crutches

Post-op hip brace to limit hip flexion. Hip flexion limit to 45 degrees

Quad sets, active-assisted and passive hip and knee flexion, ankle pumps Hip flexion ROM limit 60° flexion



Weightbearing TDWB crutches Post-op hip brace Limit hip flexion to 45°

Phase Two
2 to 6 weeks after surgery

PWB 50% with crutches

Continue post-op hip brace

Hip flexion limit to 60 degrees through week 3

Weeks 4 to 6
progress hip flexion gradually to 90° by week 6

Quad sets

Active-assisted and passive hip and knee flexion


Ankle pumps

Side-lying hip abduction

Standing calf raises


OK for non-involved limbs


Weightbearing PWB 50% crutches
No active hamstrings yet
No active hip extension exercises

Phase Three
6 to 12 weeks after surgery

Progressively wean crutches over the next 2 weeks to FWB

Discontinue brace per MD

Progressive active hip and knee flexion

Active stretching all uninvolved muscle groups

Stationary bike

HS curls antigravity
Hip extension antigravity At 10 weeks postop:
Progress to ankle weight PRE; progress 1 lb per week to 5 lb
SLR Wall slides
Clam shells
Partial squats

Progressive slow walking on level surfaces

No running yet

Phase Four
12 to 16 weeks after surgery


Neoprene support as needed

Full ROM
Gentle HS stretching

Cautious use of weight training machines Single leg closed chain exercises

Walk progression on level surface with gradual increase in speed and distance

Preparing to run

Phase 4
16 to 20 weeks after surgery


Neoprene support

Same as phase 3

Progressive strengthening avoiding overload to HS

Walk-to jog progression

No sprinting or speed work

Phase 5
20 to 24 weeks after surgery


Neoprene support



Progressive run/speed/agility

Jump training after 24 weeks post-op

Proceed gradually with caution