February 23, 2022

Walking: The “Perfect” Exercise

Walking is Medicine! And walking is the most studied form of exercise. Research has demonstrated numerous proven health benefits from regular walking, which “pound for pound” may be the most effective and efficient form of achieving and maintaining generalized well-being and fitness.

According to the Arthritis Foundation, at least a dozen specific health benefits are derived from walking which include:

  1. Improvement of Circulation
  2. Normalization of Blood Pressure
  3. Maintenance of Bone Health
  4. Longer Life Expectancy
  5. Reduction in Anxiety and Even Mild Depression
  6. Weight Loss and Maintenance
  7. Gains in Strength and Flexibility
  8. Sleep Enhancement
  9. Promotion of Joint Health
  10. Reduction of Mental Decline
  11. Lowers Alzheimer’s Risk
  12. May Reduce Incidence of Disability in Patients over age 65

Walking also maintains better blood glucose control, normalization and most people can maintain a walking practice throughout their lifetime.

Walking is free, doesn’t require anything other than a quality pair of running or walking shoes, and requires no special training.

Once you become comfortable with a daily walk, you can pick up the pace from there. Many online walking programs are available to suit your individual training goals and objectives.

Of all the forms of exercise options available, walking is the purest, easiest form of exercise. You can derive great benefit with a very low risk of injury or pain.

If you experience pain or limitations which affect your ability to walk comfortably, schedule an appointment to talk to your doctor.

St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center foot and ankle surgeon David Caldarella, DPM, FACFAS, is a fellowship-trained podiatrist and expert in foot and ankle conditions in both adults and pediatrics and sees patients at St. Elizabeths Medical Center and Boston Sports Performance Center.