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Resident Scholarly Activities and Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement

The program has an integrated curriculum on Quality Improvement that is facilitated by Dr. Bertrand Jaber (Chair of Medicine) which occurs weekly during ambulatory blocks during an administrative half day. Categorical residents are required to complete a Quality Improvement (QI) project over the duration of the residency with the goal to present their findings at local, regional, or national meetings prior to graduation.

National Conferences

The program financially supports the residents presenting at conferences with research conducted at St. Elizabeth’s. As a result, our residents present at a variety of local, regional, and national meetings each year.
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National Conference

Published Research

Many of the program residents are interested in research and are able to publish during residency. Residents who are interested in research are assisted in identifying mentors in their field of interest. Many faculty members are actively engaged in clinical and basic sciences research.

Resident Publications 2018 to 2020

Annual Research Day

St. Elizabeth's is proud to host an annual Research Day.


2021 Research Day

2018 Research Day