Heart Failure Disease Management Program

For patients with heart failure, symptoms can be particularly hard to manage immediately after a hospitalization. In addition to the health risks, heart failure patients are at high-risk for readmission if their symptoms are not well managed.

Heart Failure Disease Management Program

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Physician referral required.

Patient and cardiologist

Saint Elizabeth’s Medical Center’s Advanced Heart Failure Disease Management Program aims to improve follow-up care and reduce readmissions for patients after a heart failure hospitalization.

The program provides patients with a minimum of two check-in appointments via telemedicine, three and seven days after discharge:

Day 3 – Phone call

  • Reinforce discharge instructions/education
  • Ensure patients are complaint with medications
  • Assure local follow-up has been arranged
  • Connect patients to visiting nurse services if necessary

Day 7 – Telehealth visit (or in person if preferred by patient/family)

  • Check status of symptoms
  • Review lab results when appropriate
  • Make medication adjustments when indicated
  • Reinforce local follow-up appointments when appropriate
  • Assess need for further monitoring via telehealth prior to patient’s follow-up with primary cardiologist or PCP

Heart failure experts from SEMC’s Advanced Heart Failure Center work collaboratively with each patient’s primary cardiologist to adjust treatments when needed. This unique model of care ensures patients stay connected to their local primary cardiologists while receiving personalized, one-on-one virtual care from a SEMC heart failure specialist.


About the Advanced Heart Failure Center

St. Elizabeth’s Advanced Heart Failure Program is recognized as a leader in the New England region. Its multidisciplinary team of experts diagnose and treat cardiomyopathies/heart failure, as well as other complex conditions involving the heart.

Our Team

Matthew MacLean, NP
Matthew MacLean, NP