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Podiatry Residency Didactics


A. Didactic Lectures
St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center's podiatric residents will attend formal lectures both internally and at nearby institutions. Guest lecturers will consist of podiatric and allopathic physicians. Topics vary from year to year but encompass podiatric medicine and surgery, as well as medical imaging, infectious disease and other medical and surgical topics.

B. Research Paper
The resident shall prepare a topic for study which will include a pertinent literature review, development of research questions, generation of a hypothesis, selection of an appropriate research methodology and development of a proposal for data analysis. 

C. Clinical Pathological Conferences
Each resident shall present at the Clinical Pathological Conference (CPC) throughout the year. The conference will be attended by all residents and moderated by the senior surgical resident and attending staff. During each session, one of the residents shall present a case report or a complete topic review. Active discussion will follow each case. Pertinent literature shall be included.

D. Journal Club
The Journal Club is intended to provide the resident with a current knowledge of important developmental articles written in recognized journals. The Journal Club will be held twice a month. The residency will also participate in an on-line Journal Club coordinated through the ACFAS.

E. Workshops
Workshops shall consist of laboratory instruction in psychomotor skills and practical application of operative and clinical techniques. The workshops may include such topics as:

1.     Suturing techniques

2.     Internal fixation and osteotomies

3.     Bandaging

4.     Casting

5.     Plastic skin maneuvers

6.     Arthroscopy

7.     External fixation

8.     Endoscopic procedures

9.     New technologies

F. Grand Rounds
The hospital staff provides regular conferences by visiting physicians who are authoritative on specific topics. Residents are encouraged to attend whenever possible.

G. In-training Examination
The program mandates that all residents complete an in-training examination developed by ABPS and ABPM to assess the resident’s post-graduate development and in preparation for sitting for board certification examinations.

H. Mortality and Morbidity (M&M) Conferences
Residents and faculty are required to attend all surgical specialty M&M conferences at the sponsoring institution. The division is mandated to present cases as required by the surgery department.

I. Tufts University School of Medicine Anatomy Lab Prosectors
Residents and faculty serve as experienced lower extremity specimen dissectors for the allopathic medical students and have access to the cadaver lab throughout the year to perform dissections and research projects, with staff approval.