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Internal Medicine Residents

Chief Residents and Current Residents

Roster of 2020-2021 Residents

Residency Committees and Teams

Health and Wellness Committee
The Health and Wellness Committee was established in 2016. The committee is composed of several members from each postgraduate (PGY) level and is responsible for planning and executing the monthly Wellness conferences and after-work activities as well (see Conferences).

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Resident Committee
The Resident Committee is composed of representatives from each PGY level and meets monthly. The Committee is responsible for raising and discussing residency related issues as well as suggesting improvements. The committee is co-chaired by a PGY2 and PGY3 representative elected each year by the committee. The co-chairs meet with the program leadership each month to discuss issues and solutions which are then communicated during the Business meeting. The co-chairs are also voting members of the Internal Medicine Program Evaluation Committee and members of the St. Elizabeth’s GME Resident Council. This Committee embodies our belief in open communication between the residents and the program leadership, who work together to generate ideas and create opportunities that has served to bring many positive changes to the program.

Doctor’s Dilemma Team
St. Elizabeth's is a proud participant of the American College of Physician's (ACP) Doctor's Dilemma competition. The team consists of three representatives from the residency and competes in the annual ACP Doctor's Dilemma competition, which was formerly called the Medical Jeopardy. The 2019-2020 team won the Massachusetts competition, earning the right to compete at the national ACP competition which unfortunately was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We look forward to competing in the future.

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Doctors Dilemma Group


Tahnee Sidhu, MD, MPH, Chief Medical Resident

When I was looking for a residency program, I was very interested in a mid-sized program with a supportive, caring environment, and strong academic program. I did not want to be a number lost in the crowd. St. Elizabeth’s IM residency program has been that and more. The warm, collegial atmosphere has been the ideal setting to grow and learn as a clinician, with our academic programming, level of clinical exposure as a tertiary care center, and support for residents as they pursue their intended future careers ranging from primary care to those who wish to subspecialize. The diversity of our patients, residents, and faculty is refreshing and only adds to our education making us stronger clinicians. All of this, within the wonderful city of Boston, a place I now consider home, has been a dream combination.

Laith Hattar, MD, PGY-3

I felt that St. E’s was the place for me from just interviewing there. After two years, now I can say that I am so happy with the decision I made. The diversity the program offers provides a rich cultural environment that builds character and provides an amazing experience that one can never forget. I have gained an amazing family that has supported me and mentored me towards becoming a confident doctor who is able to provide the proper care patients need. The program offers a perfectly balanced experience between patient care and medical education. It greatly supports its residents in seeking their future careers whether it is a fellowship, a hospitalist position or an outpatient primary care practice. The program is in an amazing city that offers a countless number of activities to choose from.

Padma Srivoleti, MD, PGY-2

A year at St. E’s has instilled a sense of confidence in me. The program embraces a culture of mentorship, guidance, and solidarity. While there is an emphasis on advancing medical knowledge, clinical skills are honed every day, therefore creating a wholesome learning experience. What sets this program apart is its incredible focus on resident well-being and development. Whether in navigating a global pandemic or in helping to shape our future career goals, our leadership always supports us. There are plenty of opportunities to indulge in research, teaching, and leadership roles within the program. Its location in the city of Boston adds to the advantage of after-hour activities. I have found a home in this diverse group of residents and can say with certainty that St.E’s has made my residency experience extraordinary.

Tova Kosowsky, MD, Graduated Pre-Lim 2019-2020

As a preliminary intern, there were several things that I had hoped to get out of my intern year. The first was a solid foundation in internal medicine, the second was being at a place that was supportive and inviting, and the third was forming long-term friendships despite my transient presence. After interviewing and visiting St. Elizabeth’s, the choice was an easy one for me. The program offered all of this and more. The combination of being a tertiary care center for Steward while maintaining the feel of a community hospital was perfect for what I had hoped to obtain out of my intern year. The education and teaching in clinical practice was wonderful and provided me a truly wonderful foundation in medicine for moving onto my current area of study. The administration and faculty provided a warm and nurturing environment for learning as well as for self-care. My fellow residents were wonderful to work with and have made long-term friends that I know will last despite our different paths. Thank you, St. E’s!

Social Events

Throughout the year, there are numerous events for the house staff and faculty, including a welcome dinner for incoming interns, Christmas party, an annual retreat off-campus in the spring, graduation dinner, and annual breakfast for graduates.

The annual retreat includes an educational workshop (various themes) and ends with an outing full of fun activities. Previous post-retreat events have been held at Seaport Elite Cruises, King’s Bowling, Fenway Park and a Boston Limo/Scavenger Hunt throughout the city.

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Our graduates pursue careers in academic medicine, hospital medicine and primary care medicine. During the last five years our residents have matched to outstanding fellowship positions. 

Alumni Accomplishments