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Internal Medicine Residency Opportunities in Primary Care

Internal Medicine/ Primary Care Opportunities after Graduation from our Residency Program

Steward Health Care operates as an integrated, cost-effective Accountable Care Organization (ACO) and since 2011 has been actively participating in global payment models and risk-sharing offered by large commercial health insurance companies and both bundled and global payment models offered by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation. These advanced models of care delivery have allowed our primary care physicians at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center to transition to a population-based payment model and focus on promoting quality and rewarding positive health outcomes, with a special emphasis on preventive health, management of at-risk populations, chronic disease management including diabetes, care coordination, and patients’ experience of care.

At St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center and across our health care system, we highly value our internal medicine/primary care workforce. There are multiple and very exciting job opportunities for our graduating residents who are interested in practicing internal medicine in Massachusetts or in other states where our health care system operates, through Steward Medical Group, our physician-led, multispecialty practice organization. We offer competitive salaries in primary care with a focus on professional development, physician mentorship, and office-based care coordination.

Early Commitment Residency Stipend Program

Internal Medicine residents who choose to join Steward Medical Group as internal medicine/primary care physicians upon graduation from the residency program, but commit early on during their residency training, are eligible to receive a monthly stipend during the remainder of their training, structured as a forgivable loan. This benefit allows residents to have the certainty of a secured position and early access to additional income during the residency years. This opportunity is offered to our residents based on current recruitment needs and performance during the residency. Prospective residents interested in learning more about this offering and whether they are eligible for this Early Commitment Residency Stipend Program should contact the Internal Medicine Residency Program Director or the Chair of the Department of Medicine at St. Elizabeth's Medical Center.