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Obesity has become an epidemic both in the adult population as well as in the pediatric population.

Weight-related illnesses were once mostly seen in overweight or obese adults. However, due to the rising number of overweight and obese children, these conditions are being observed at a younger age.

The TEEEN program is a pediatrician-led, monthly, 4-hour youth empowerment program that incorporates exercise, health education, and nutrition education. It is free of charge for participants. Created in February 2003, we utilize a team of physicians, medical students, nutritionists and adolescent leaders to fight the pediatric obesity epidemic. Each session includes:

All of our activities are overseen by licensed medical professionals, and we use evidenced-based techniques that have shown to be effective in improving health. Participants who have been in the program for more than a year are invited to become program leaders. Additionally, all participants are encouraged to lead exercises and present educational topics, food labels, or recipes.

The TEEEN program is also an active research project. Our goal is to explore the effectiveness of our program in reducing BMI, improving pediatric health and quality of life. Our results have been promising, and we have used these results to improve and guide our program forward.

We are always looking for new participants in the program. Please click here to learn how your child can join. Parents and caretakers of children in the program are welcome and encouraged to join their kids!

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