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St. Elizabeth's Hearing Aid Center offers St. Elizabeth's patients and community members access to dedicated and trained audiologists and support staff who offer a complete selection of hearing aid technologies and assistive listening devices to assist you with your listening needs.

Our audiologists will work with you to determine the most appropriate device to assist you based on your hearing loss, your work and home activities, physical limitations, medical condition and cosmetic preferences.

How do I go about the process of looking into a hearing aid(s)?

If you think you might have hearing loss, visit your Primary Care Physician, the Department of Otolaryngology at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center, or call the Hearing Aid Center directly at 617-779-6460 and ask for a consultation/evaluation to determine if you have hearing loss.

How do you know if you or someone you know has a hearing problem? Ask yourself the following questions….

  • Do I have trouble hearing when there is noise in the background?
  • Is it hard for me to follow a conversation when two or more people talk at once?
  • Do people seem to mumble (or not speak clearly)?
  • Do I often ask people to repeat themselves?
  • Do people complain that I turn the TV volume up too high?
  • Do I have a problem hearing on the telephone?
  • Do I hear a ringing, roaring, or hissing sound a lot?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you should consider having your hearing evaluated to determine if you are a candidate for amplification.

What can I expect from my hearing aids?

  • Successful use takes time and patience
  • Adjusting is a gradual process
  • Hearing aids will not restore normal hearing
  • Hearing aids will not eliminate background noise completely

About the hearing aid(s) at the Hearing Aid Center:

Digital - computer-programmed by an audiologist to provide the best sound for your specific hearing loss

Four different levels of digital hearing aid technology:

  • Entry, Low, Mid and High end technology
  • Each increase in the level of technology offers more advanced performance in difficult listening environments

At the time of your hearing aid consultation, your audiologist will guide you through the numerous options available to you. If you decide to purchase a hearing aid you will have a thirty (30) day trial period from when you receive your hearing aid(s) to return the product for full purchase price of the device.

Our hearing aid, implantable and semi implantable device manufacturers include:

  • Cochlear Corp.
  • Envoy
  • GN Resound
  • Oticon
  • Phonak
  • Siemens
  • Starkey
  • Widex

 For more information, or help finding a doctor, call us at 617-789-5004 or contact us.

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