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St. Elizabeth’s Department of Otolaryngology is dedicated to ensuring that each patient has an exceptional experience.

Starting with an easy-to-access Center complete with valet parking and offices and treatment areas located within the St. Margaret’s building, to rapid appointment turn-around, the St. Elizabeth’s otolaryngology team routinely works to ensure that each patients needs are met.

To help streamline each appointment, the Department of Otolaryngology offers:

  • On-site CT scanner capabilities
  • State-of-the-art treatment rooms
  • Same-day consultations with multiple specialists

To learn more about the St. Elizabeth’s experience, hear directly from our patients about their positive experiences.

Marcia's Story

I have suffered with nasal and sinus problems for years. I had constant pressure in my head from these problems and I felt like it limited me from doing my favorite activities like going on our boat or playing with my grandchildren. I used everything known to man to help remedy. I used sprays, rinses, netty pots and other products and nothing worked. At first I thought I was allergic to something but when I had the allergy test done, it showed that I was not allergic to anything. I’ve even had surgery for a deviated septum and that didn’t cure my stuffiness. To help alleviate the pressure, I was always taking antibiotics. My physician referred me to Dr. Catalano who told me that I was a perfect candidate for the balloon dilation.

The balloon dilation was a simple non-invasive procedure where they widened my sinus passage using a balloon. I went home right after the surgery and I was doing things around the house the next day. I felt no pain and did not have to take any pain medication. Ever since the procedure, I have not taken an antibiotic to clear my sinuses and I feel like I have control over my life again. I am 65 years old and retired and I feel like I can really enjoy my time. One day, my husband I plan to take our boat to the inter-coastal and be our active selves again. I definitely recommend Dr. Catalano. He made my life better for me and my family. I am still his patient and I am scheduled to have a similar procedure done to fix my plugged ear. After this surgery, I will be very happy to be able to clearly hear the laughter of my five grandchildren.


St. Elizabeth's Department of Otolaryngology
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