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Key Features of Your Treatment

Sophisticated Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
Using a full range of X-ray, magnetic resonance imaging, and other imaging techniques, our specialists begin with the most accurate picture possible of your injury. Based on this and other information, your Bone and Joint physician will work with you to plan the best treatment and recovery possible for you.

Advanced Surgical Treatment
If surgery is part of your treatment, you can depend on your orthopedic specialist to use the most up-to-date and least invasive method available to treat your injury and have you back "on your game" as quickly as possible. Many procedures can be performed within a day so you can return home that night. If an overnight stay is required, your physician will manage your care with the support of nursing, physician assistants and rehabilitation staff with specialized training in orthopedics.

Casting and Other Support
The Bone and Joint Center will fit you with the most effective cast, splint or other supportive equipment that best suits your care plan. Our expert staff will train you on the proper care and use of equipment, including walking casts, crutches, and reconstructive bracing.

Rehabilitative Therapy
Physical and occupational therapy can be crucial for recovery from injuries and surgery, or serve as the central treatment strategy. We work with patients to help them recover strength and mobility, or to learn new patterns of motion and work habits. Our experts in sports medicine, the spine, work injuries, hand therapy, chronic pain, and pool therapy use the most advanced techniques possible to help you achieve your highest level of performance and function.

Pain Management
Managing pain and discomfort is a critical part of recovering from an injury. Bone and Joint specialists will advise you on proper use and dosage of medications. We will also work with you to incorporate other complementary care into your recovery such as acupuncture or massage. We recognize that the experience of pain and injury can also take its toll on your emotional and mental health. We offer support, encouragement and referrals to psychosocial specialists who can tend to this aspect of your health.

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