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Nerve Conduction and EMG Studies – Patient Information

Nerve Conduction and EMG Studies – Patient Information

During the test you will be lying down. A set of small metal discs or rings will be placed on the skin of your hands or feet. A stimulator is then held against your skin. You will feel a tapping, tingling sensation. Your muscles, fingers or toes may jump slightly in response to the stimulation. A number of different nerves will be tested in this manner.

This portion of the test may take 20-60 minutes. 

When the nerve conduction study is complete, a neurologist will evaluate the data and join you to administer the EMG portion of the study. A very fine needle will be inserted into a muscle. (You will hear a static-like noise coming from the machine). Your muscle is tested first at rest, and then you will be asked to contract the muscle. Other muscles will be tested. The distribution of the muscles studied in this manner depends on your symptoms.

This portion of the test may take 10-30 minutes. 

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