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Patient and Family Advisory Council

St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center’s Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) is the voice of patients and family members who have chosen to be included in the hospital’s decisions and plans that affect them.

The PFAC includes people in the community who are interested in coming together to provide our health care team with constructive advice and feedback to improve our patients’ experiences. It meets quarterly to provide updates and discuss issues of importance to patients and their families.

What is a PFAC?

PFACs have been required of all Massachusetts hospitals by the Department of Public Health since October 1, 2010. PFACs are based on the core concepts of dignity and respect, information sharing, participation, and collaboration so that patients, families and providers can develop and enhance mutually beneficial partnerships.

Patient and family members may advise the hospital on issues such as patient and provider relationships, research, quality improvement, and patient education on safety and quality.

Who participates in a PFAC?

Co-chaired by both a patient/family member and a hospital member, St. Elizabeth’s PFAC consists of representatives from the hospital and current or former patients or family members who represent the community. Together, they can facilitate patient and family participation in hospital care improvement, information sharing, and policy and program development. At least 50 percent of a PFAC’s members must be current or former patients or family members and representative of the community served.

What are the benefits of a PFAC to patients, families and hospitals?

Benefits of a Patient and Family Advisory Council are numerous for patients and families, including:

  • Increased awareness and understanding of the health care system
  • Advocacy for family, friends and the organization
  • Active participation in their own health care and self management
  • Transformation of the hospital culture toward patient-family centered care
  • Improved patient satisfaction

The hospital also benefits by becoming more aware of patients’ and families’ perspectives, understanding priority concerns for patients and families, developing relevant programs, and strengthening community relations.

We have long known that patients and families have an important role in helping St. Elizabeth's Medical Center. We are pleased to be engaged in this initiative and continue to implement the group’s valuable ideas.

See our 2015 PFAC Annual Report.

We invite you to consider becoming a member of St. Elizabeth Medical Center’s Patient and Family Advisory Council. To learn more, contact:

Sasha Corken
Patient Advocate
Patient and Family Advisory Committee Co-Chair

Would you like to become a St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center PFAC member?

If you have been a patient, or the family member of a patient, who would like to lend your voice to improving patient care, St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center’s Patient and Family Advisory Council encourages you to consider becoming a member.

Participants must be current or former St. Elizabeth’s patients or members of a current or former patient’s family. Members do not need any special qualifications and will receive any training that may be needed.

The group meets quarterly at the hospital from 5-7 p.m. Dinner is served. 2015 meeting dates are scheduled for:

  • January 14, 2015
  • April 8, 2015
  • July 8, 2015
  • October 21, 2015

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