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Cardiac Patient

St. E’s often receives Thank You letters from our patients. This is excepted from a letter sent to us by a Carol Camelio of Lexington who was admitted through our ED, received cardiac care and stayed on our CCU. She wrote a really nice email mentioning more than a dozen folks by name.

Dear St. E’s:
Early on Tuesday evening, January 24th, I found myself lying on a hospital bed in the Emergency Department at St. Elizabeth’s hospital after my primary care physician Dr. John Dowling effectively diagnosed my cardiac episode. Dr. Dowling explained his reasons for sending me to the ER, allaying my fears and helping to begin the healing process.

Carol Seidlich was the nurse whose angelic countenance greeted me in the ED.  Her reassuring manner was a comfort, and let me know exactly what was happening and about to happen, and made me feel like I was enveloped in loving arms.

 Dr. John Dowling  Carol Seidlich, Nurse  Dr. Matthew Rhee  Anne Calnan, Nurse Tonji Green-Ojei, Nurse

While in the ER, Dr. Matthew Rhee competently and succinctly detailed my options for treatment while efficiently coordinating with my cardiologist as well as my primary care physician.

Anne Calnan, a nurse in ED with a beautiful lilting Irish accent, also reassured me that I was indeed in the right place. Within 6 hours of their efforts, the staff had tamed my highly irregular beat to a point of calm and before heading upstairs it was converted to a normal sinus rhythm.

Their genuine concern for my wellbeing was at once refreshing and healing, and the myriad nurses and technicians like Tonji Green-Ojei of the ED, Betty Cox and Michel Derivois who are phlebotomists -  and others that I  cannot currently conjure are owed words of gratitude for their wonderful efforts. They checked machinery and inserted needles, set up or generally helped me along my path as an outpatient.

My cardiologist, Dr. John Wylie made it a point to visit me early that day, further allaying my fears and apprising me of my status and that after I would be allowed to head home.  Dr. Wylie’s gracious, endearing manner (much like Dr. Dowling) further reinforced that I was in the best place. 

Thorough and precise echo technician Michael Romanik performed the ultrasound and along with another doctor, added saline solution for more accurate visuals of my heart. 

Betty Cox (left) and Michel Derivois, Phlebotomists Dr. John Wylie Michael Romanik, EP Tech Maureen Bridges, Health Care Provider  Doug Jones, Transporter

Maureen Bridges on 6 East, a petite health care provider, would come and go seeing to the needs of the patients in her charge.

Throughout this experience, every single encounter including the one with transporter Dougie Jones who wheeled me to our car, was both positive and thorough.  Even the food service accommodated my finicky vegetarian palate and sent up a tasty alternative. 

No words can adequately convey our sincere and deep appreciation for the excellent care I received at the hands of the medical professionals at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital and Steward® Health System.

Thank you from the bottom of my healing heart.

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